About Me

Hi, I’m Jess and I am here to share my journey on living an intentional life! These past few years, I have been reflecting a lot on my purpose and who I am meant to be. This challenge has fueled me to focus my energy on what really matters to me and to go from there in order to eliminate what doesn’t. This blog will focus on living with less clutter and more clarity – in all aspects of life. I want to surround myself with people and things that truly bring me joy. Thanks for following along!! I hope something I share in my journey can inspire you and add to yours.

On a personal note: I am an orthodontic assistant and absolutely love my team and what we do. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Jon, who pushes me every day to be my best self. I am SO blessed with an incredible family who means the world to me. I am the second of four sisters, Kelly, Chelsea, and Amy, and have the best parents who would do anything for us girls. Some thing I love: reading, a good bargain find, Amazon, naps, red wine, crafting, running, yoga, and making people laugh.

I hope you enjoy! Let’s do this! 💓