Decluttering: Getting your family on board.

I have been very passionate about living with less and getting rid of the clutter, but it is not something that can be easily maintained alone. For me, it is essential to get my household on board. I lived on my own when my journey with this began, so I started out strong and have gotten better with time. Now, I live with my boyfriend so that’s what has inspired me to write this post because it’s not just me anymore.

After being together for four years, Jon is well aware of my “minimalist” lifestyle. We also knew the vibe we wanted to create in our home which helped tremendously because we were on the same page from the start. We both had lived on our own, so we just kept the better of any multiples we had. We also had a lot of extra stuff that we just didn’t need. There is no logical reason to keep 35 cups or 5 spatulas (kitchen clutter is the hardest). We decluttered A BUNCH and only kept what served us, as a household of two. Remember, you can always borrow something if you need it; don’t hold onto stuff just in case. Also, we both had a lot of stuff that was passed down to us from our families; it’s important to understand you do not have to keep that stuff. Yes, it is awesome when you can use something passed onto you, but it is also okay if it doesn’t fit your style.

When it comes to maintaining clutter and keeping it simple in the home, Jon is completely supportive and on board – hallelujah! I go through my personal stuff every now and then and he does the same. A little spring cleaning is good for the soul! It’s also good to realize that this maintenance will probably never end. I am constantly thinking we don’t need this or we never use this and I get rid of it. On the flip-side, you become extremely aware of your purchases and what you really want/need to spend money on which is a bonus in itself. Everything in our home has its place and we always put things back where they belong. We have bins and labels on whatever needs it and it really makes life easier for both of us. There are no rules besides that your ideal home should suit who lives there, that’s it.

You have to remember that you are building a life together, but you will have individual preferences and that’s okay! Sometimes you’ll disagree on keeping or tossing something, but you both need to make a logical decision if that item really serves your lives and then go from there.

If you are wanting to get started on cleaning out and minimizing your stuff; I would say the sooner, the better. There is no time like the present – no matter what season of life you’re in! Start with your stuff and go from there. If you do have a family, then be patient because it may just be a little harder to convince anyone else to take the plunge. I do know it’s a reality that not everyone wants to do this nor cares to. You should do the best you can with the situation you are in!

You may know how good it feels to change your lifestyle and live with less clutter (therefore less stress), but not everyone will be as willing to change or tackle decluttering. It may take some time, but remember that everyone in your home will learn that they too are reaping benefits of living with less.

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