How to shop smarter and avoid being sucked in by sales.

Let’s face it, you are never going to be 100% satisfied with what is currently in your closet or on your shelves. You will see something you want to buy the minute you leave your house or hop on your phone. It’s too easy these days to get online to see what we must have especially with Facebook ads, the Instagram explore feature, and the holy grail – Pinterest. How about that buy with one click on Amazon?! WOOWEE, that gets me every time.

Shopping can be very addicting and VERY EASY and we get sucked in by new, trendy items before we can blink. We quickly disregard all of our hard work minimizing our wardrobe and decluttering our closets when we see that big SALE sign or that long clearance rack that says 70% off! So, let’s talk about shopping smarter and staying strong when you see a sale and just in general! After all, you’ve worked hard to be where you are!! Let’s not ruin it by a shirt that is on major sale that you don’t even like that much.

My first rule is avoid the stores and STAY INSIDE!!!! Okay, I’m only kidding, kind of. In all seriousness, it is definitely more tempting to buy something when it is right in front of your face; so, avoid that temptation if needed! Don’t go to the store to window shop because you will find something that you don’t need and you will only waste your hard earned money. Secondly, you will be sucked in to that beautiful, yet so evil clearance rack. Everyone loves a good deal, don’t get me wrong, buuuut how many times do we load up the cart with sale items that we normally wouldn’t even buy? We think we’re getting a steal, but really you’re spending money that you wouldn’t have normally spent — HELLO PEOPLE!! THIS MEANS WE ARE LOSING! I’m the first to admit this. I will go to Target because I’m bored and browse around carelessly waiting for something to spark my interest. I then get home and think “what the heck, Jessica! You do not need this – who cares if it was $10 off” or “why do you need another purse???” Want to know what I do then? I go return it a few days later. HOW SILLY IS THIS?! (a waste of gas, money, and time) Now, I know not everyone is as crazy about this minimalism thing as me, but hear me out guys!! A good sale is definitely a win, but we need to be smarter about it!

Ask yourself this while shopping: Have I been wanting this for a long time? Do I really need this item? Does this fit MY style? Do I have the money for this? Am I really getting a deal? How long will it last? You get the gist…Now, let’s talk about some tips and tricks I have for ya!

30 day buy list:

I read about this idea in a book. It’s as simple as it sounds. Create a shopping list called “30 day buy list.” Add items to that list that you see or hear about that interest you. If 30 days go by and you still want that item, then go buy it. If 30 days go by and you totally forgot about that item or just aren’t interested anymore, then hey look at you saving money on something you didn’t really want or need. We too quickly purchase something because it’s on sale, our friends have it, or it was on Amazon’s Today’s Deals. For me, having this list on my phone works best because it’s always with me to edit. I use the app Wunderlist to create my 30 day buy list. I have had items I go buy after 30 days, but more often I have items that I realize I don’t want after 30 days and I think of the money I saved by not jumping on it to begin with. You would be surprised by how just sitting on something for 30 days changes your perspective. I don’t care if that item is on sale on day five of the 30, or selling out fast; BE PATIENT and wait the full 30 days and reassess. It works and you honestly feel good about your decision no matter what the end result.

One in, one out rule:

We must have a system to keep and maintain a minimal and simple lifestyle. I have found that the “one in, one out rule” works great for me. If you bring something into your house, then something must go. That’s it! I use this mostly with my wardrobe. For example: If I go to the store and buy two shirts then when I get home I need to get rid of two pieces of clothing. Now, don’t flip this and think it means the same!! If you are decluttering this does not mean “one out, one in” because less clutter is more clarity and this method with that way of thinking will never work!! This “one in, one out” works because it makes you think twice before buying and it makes you look at what you don’t care to get rid of aka allowing you to maybe declutter more than originally planned. I’ve said it before – you know what you cling to and you know your style; therefore, shop and discard accordingly!!

Remember your why:

This tip point is more for those who really do want to declutter and live a simpler life. Remember why you started! It is so easy to get trapped. Multiple times I have caught myself with a full shopping cart thinking “what are you doing?” and then emptied it. Again, it is so easy to get sucked into a sale, so be disciplined and think before you spend whether it’s discounted or not! I can’t even begin to explain how far I have come with all of this. It blows my mind to look back on all of the things I have gotten rid of over the past few years because I shopped carelessly. I am now very content with what I own. I do feel there’s always something to declutter, but I seldom feel like there’s more I need to add and for me that’s my goal. If you fall off track or spend too much or start to feel overwhelmed with clutter – remember your why!! Clutter is stressful, save your money for something meaningful, and clear your mind of chaos.


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