The success of a good day lies in being intentional with your time.

With a love of to-do lists and organization, I am a major fan of routine and planning. I often find that creating a daily routine helps me perform at my best and carries me successfully into the following day or even the upcoming week.

When I complete my to-do list and get done something that’s important to me and my well-being, I feel a sense of fulfillment and joy. It also just feels good to have completed something intentionally set by YOU. Everyone is busy and I truly believe it’s so important to set aside time to unwind and just take a moment for yourself doing whatever feeds your soul.

We know what we have to get done as far as our daily requirements and responsibilities, but what if we purposely planned a moment devoted to ourselves? This brief moment of me time can help you destress and refocus your energy on where it needs to be! I want to encourage everyone to have a morning and/or nightly routine to help jump start or close out the day. Do it for YOU!

Morning Routines

A lot of people have a routine but don’t realize it. Some people wake up and have their cup of coffee as they scroll through their Facebook newsfeed, others may head to the gym first thing to give them that boost of energy, and some people hit snooze up until the very moment they HAVE to get up. What if we take that initial time after we wake up and before we “start our day” and did something useful with it!? OR here’s a brilliant idea – set an alarm and don’t hit snooze!! Give yourself an extra 20 minutes of me time every morning. Wake up early if necessary and prepare yourself for the day ahead!! Whatever it may be – create an intentional morning routine that starts on a positive note and fuels you to tackle the day.

Nightly Routines

We all get excited to rest no matter what kind of day it was. Before we jump into bed and call it a day let’s take 20 minutes or so to reflect on our day and tend to some tasks. What didn’t you get done that you needed to get done? What have you been putting off all week? Get a workout in, finish your book, meal prep, call your mom, WHATEVER! End your day on a high note and with a smile! You’ll feel good and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed for the next day!

Advice and my experiences:

So let’s face it. We aren’t all perfect. We picture this ideal routine and lifestyle and expect it to just happen. NEWS FLASH — IT WON’T.

I’ve been that person to hit snooze until last minute more than I’d like to admit, BUT I’ve also been the person who gets up for 5:30am hot yoga. I can go either way if I really push myself and so can you! Yes, I love my sleep but when I get up at the first sound of my alarm and prepare myself for the day with my gratitude journal or get a quick workout in – I feel amazing! I love when I head to work and am not groggy because I’ve already started my day with intention to make it great! On an opposite note, there’s mornings I crawl out of bed at the last minute and head to work and later feel like crap because I pushed off my time to be productive because of more sleep?! I always regret wasting my time sleeping, but I never regret when I use that time to my advantage.

Fast forward to nightly routines, after work I just want to crash most days, but it’s not realistic! I have stuff I need to get done as does everyone else after their work day. Of course there’s days I just want to get home, eat dinner, put on some sweats, and crawl into bed and that’s what I do and IT’S OKAY sometimes! I just know when I look back on my to-do list and daily schedule and see what I still need to do I’m using my time more wisely. I complete something else on my list and prioritize my time; therefore, I feel on top of the world and ready for a good nights rest with no regrets.

You will not get to where you want to be if you don’t put forth the effort. You will not live that lifestyle you want if you are not working for it! Consistency is KEY. Form a habit and stick to it. It will only get easier and you will only get happier. I promise you if you give yourself a morning and nighttime routine that you stick to your Monday mornings will be less sucky and you won’t just be excited for the weekends. Again, we all have work, appointments, errands, etc., but not everybody can say they start and end their day with intention and positivity!

Do it and thank me later.


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